Thursday, November 15, 2007

Swift Kids for Truth Ads: Wish They'd Been Out During the Last Election

These two ads are great illustrations of the lies you hear on talk radio everyday, and that filled the airwaves in the last Presidential election, and the current never-ending one.

Maybe this time the public won't get Swift-boated.

Although, let's face it: the Republican machine and its talk radio arm has been brilliant in its ability to make a war dodger a hero, while a veteran was portrayed as a coward, not to mention the Clinton thieving from the White House ploy, discredited by all investigators.

These days, I've been loving Bernie Ward's show. Of all the local talk hosts, he was the one that was right on about the war from day one.

He reminds his audience daily that the price of oil was $15 a barrel when we went into Iraq. Of course this was a war for oil. Someone is making big bank on it, just not the average Americans.

On the other side of the aisle, I'm loving Bill Wattenburg's take on the San Franciscans told not to help clean the Bay because they weren't "trained" for it. Ridiculous, he screams. They were told that so some bureaucrat could pay $200 an hour of our tax money for some officials to do it.

Some were arrested for trying to help.

San Franciscans and Marin-ites, who long for whales to save, would have been out in droves immediately scooping up oil and getting it into containers, if the officials hadn't discouraged them.

I wish Wattenburg, who has some great credentials, could tell his audience what the war in Iraq would look like when it's won.

Lastly, O'Reilly again: complaining that newspapers put on the front page that U.S. civilian security forces went out and killed innocent Iraqis, but didn't report on that page that the rate of U.S. deaths has gone down....

Well, Bill, if the U.S. wasn't where it didn't belong, there would be NO deaths, like your argument about illegal immigrants and crime. If they weren't here, we wouldn't care about their crime.

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