Monday, November 12, 2007

NO, Christine Craft is NOT buying KSCO-AM-(1080)

The things that come out of this little independent Santa Cruz radio station are sometimes so goofy that a radio columnist could spend all his time as a fact checker.

Last week, the station owned by Michael Zwerling, put on promos for a guest appearance by Sacramento and KGO-AM radio talker Christine Craft saying that she might buy the station.

"Do I have the money to buy it? " said Craft by phone today. "The long answer is No. The short answer is NO."

When booking her interview on owner Zwerling's Saturday morning show, she mentioned that she would love to buy it, which Zwerling spun off into a promo for the show.

"I told him that if I had the money, I'd buy it in a heartbeat," said Craft. "Then he made up this crazy promo."

The Santa Cruz Sentinel picked up on the item and it got propelled to blogs. Strange that no one thought to call Craft for a comment.

There are people looking for progressive millionaires who might be able to raise the capital to buy this strong signal that reaches the entire Monterey Bay, and San Jose on a good day.

But no action yet.

I love the wacky little talker, which is one of the most non-corporate stations anywhere, with the friendliness of a local diner.

I'd sure love to see someone buy it whose views could reflect the political diversity of the region.

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