Thursday, November 29, 2007

KPIG in syndication: great news for hog fans

This just in from the great Tom Taylor at

Now the Pig’s really on the loose – the K-PIG, that is.

The lovable Americana/alt-country porcine critter based in Watsonville KPIG, is going into syndication, thanks to Dial Global – so stations around the country can adopt the K-PIG brand and feature its live 24/7 programming mix of unpredictable music and humor.

Dial Global says their deal also includes “an arrangement to provide KPIG to stations for use on HD”, which I think means HD-2 channels. Dial Global Programming President Kirk Stirland says “here’s a format that listeners really get passionate about, done by some of its pioneers.” Among KPIG’s many “firsts” is its claim to being the first terrestrial station to stream on the Internet, back in the dark ages of 1995.

That was due to the vision of recently-deceased KPIG founder Laura Ellen Hopper. Dial Global says the pork hits the satellite dish on December 31.

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