Monday, November 5, 2007


The talent in this valley is simply amazing. And it's almost scary to think that all of these musicians have day jobs.

Today's contenders at the KFOX contest were the Floyd Project, which, not surprisingly, is a San Jose band that covers the music of Pink Floyd versus EVOLUTION, a Journey cover band.

Both were excellent, flawless, and in some ways better than the originals. That's the real measure of a tribute band, I think. Not just to duplicate, but to add something to the mix.

The Floyd band, had five of its members from one family. Singer Clayton Johnson plays keys, as does his 14-year-old son, Haven. Clayton's three sisters sing dynamic background vocals.

I was blown away. They covered Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" and "Have a Cigar" faster than the recordings, reminiscent of the early Floyd days, when they played fast and furious.

I figured a band this tight toured all the time...but they don't. They've only had one recent gig, back in July...

Bookers, do you hear this? These guys would be great at Music in the Park or maybe a regular gig at the Catalyst. Just look at the success the White Album Ensemble has had. I think this would naturally follow.

I gave them my only 10 of the judging.

Evolution followed with a solid replication of Journey.

The only problem for me is that I'm just not a big Journey fan. I mean, I like some of the songs, but am mystified about why anyone would want to cover them.

The KFOX audience differs though. They love this band, and they carry off the imitation with real panache and flash. Steve Perry's vocals are tough to duplicate (though not tough enough for the actual Journey to keep finding new singers from cover bands, which also strikes me as weird).

What's next, Phil Collins and Celine Dion tribute bands???

Meanwhile, I gave them an 8, although for the musical chops and flash, I might have given more. I just thought it took more sophistication to pull of the Floyd tribute.

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Audrey Johnson said...

The Floyd Project sounded awesome! I think they were at a disadvantage for two reasons. First because of the time placement, many of my friends missed hearing them. Secondly because they were the first band in the competition so the judges had nothing to compare them with. So sorry they didn't win. There was nothing close after that for me.