Friday, November 30, 2007

Amateurs get a shot on getting your music on the radio: In honor of Pete Wilson, Ronn Owens will revive "The Best Music You've Never Heard''

Here's where you can get details about submitting to "The Best Music You've Never Heard," a Dec. 21 two-hour-long show for great local talents to get aired on the Bay Area's biggest radio station.

The show which Pete, producer Sandra Firpo and I developed years back, will air November 21.

I'm really excited to do it with Ronn because he has interesting takes on pop music and strong opinions.

The show, sort of an American Idol before the big weed out, has a lot of fans and is often really surprising for the high level of talent and ambition in the area.

Pete Wilson suggested the show after catching a world music band he loved in a restaurant and wondering why they weren't famous, despite their talent. He wanted a forum on the area's most-listened-to station to play others like them.

Pete and I used to do the show as if we were playing poker, listening to the music and keeping our opinions off our faces until it was time to talk. And Pete always had a rule: find something good to say and don't be Simon Cowell.

I have a feeling that Ronn and I, being native East Coasters, may be tougher.

Do I have to start working on one-liners now??

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