Thursday, November 1, 2007

HEY: Check this cool website: DEEP ROCK DRIVE

The concept is wild, and it may help some of the younger bands I heard today.

It's called Deep Rock Drive and it's a website where you nominate a band, and if 1,000 or more people sign your petition and pay $7 each, the band plays a concert, seen worldwide on the web. The band takes half the money and some goes to charity.

Some people think this could be the next MySpace for real music freaks.

It's like the minor leagues that music is missing these days, and a chance for people to see shows they can't get to (those who need to hire a babysitter; those who need a babysitter; those in faraway places where talented bands can't always afford to hit)...

As a critic, I know there are so many great bands who can't afford to tour and be seen all over. The record companies are nil; MTV is gone; it's so hard to find great new music. This seems like a place that can solve the problem.

My first petition is for Bill Miller, one of the greatest unknown artists I know. Every person I've recommended him to has thanked me. The second will be Jason Ricci...but there are so many more I could do. Hey, maybe Tom Waits, who never tours.

It's free so check it out; nominate your favorite bands and let me know what you think.
PHOTOS:Jason Ricci/Bill Miller)

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