Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ever Classless, The Doghouse is back, dishing out dirt.

I can barely bring myself to post this, but the JV and Elvis Doghouse, pathetically, is broadcasting on the Internet, hoping to get a new gig, after being fired for a racist skit about Asians.

What's worse is that the way they are hoping to get in good graces with Clear Channel or CBS, is by ripping current KYLD and KITS morning shows. How low can they go? The plunge seems endless.

But, scarily, if Imus could get rehired, anything is possible.

Here is an excerpt from Elvis's (pictured above) blog (I post these so station managers who hire them can't claim they didn't know what they were getting):

Hey all...Sorry for no blog in a few...I got AIDS,Sickle Cell,The Mumps,Syphilis,and crabs over the weekend....I'm cool now.. Fuck Woody on LIVE 105 in San Francisco...This hack has no idea what it's like to do a good show on the radio and what it takes...My guess is he'll be replaced in a matter of months...whatever... How many times can my Goddamn Chargers build me up to tear me down again.. I have not watched football at all this year,but to lose to Minnesota nd give up a league record 296 yards to Adrian Peterson,then beat Indy the next...I can't take this anymore...Let's face facts...It is New England against either Dallas or Green Bay in the super Bowl...The Pats will crush either,,,would be kind of cool to see Brett Favre and the Packers get there with Favre being 64 years old...He is still a bad ass and his team has no running game but a great defense... Is it weird that I used to have an ex-girlfriend(25 years ago)that liked to eat my ass and then come up for a kiss?Thats not weird,but the fact that I never stopped her... When she would come up after chewing my ass hair and look for my tongue I used to make a bee-line for the kitchen to get a beer....Then use the beer bottle to...well you know... Props on Koof getting on the T-man abortion of a show on Monday...If the rest of you weasels had our back like Koof,maybe we'd get out of JV's bathroom doing a show...

And JV's (apparently he's no longer talking to God and inviting listeners to prayer sessions)..

T-Man took our old station out of he top 10. Woody has been even more hideous !! Howard Stern used to pull huge numbers for LIVE 105.

By the way, I don't think you heard Sarah and No-Name talking about us. It was The Woody-Cock-In-Mouth-Show. I know, Alice, Live 105, it all sounds he same.

We moved theT-Man rip fest to next to next Tuesday. BUT GO CHECK OUT THE PICS THAT ARE ALREADY FLOWING IN on the pics. section!!

I'll do my best to keep you updated on where we are headed with the new site, our new partners, and more.

I'll also make sure you get the most important news here, as well as links to all the latest internet shit!!

Call me on the show and remind me to get on Elvis' ass about going to the streets to shoot video content.

If the show sounds a little different, remember, it's just Elvis and I right now in my personal studio. Next year, we plan on having a studio built. When we do that, we can bring in people around us as well as guests. Shit foo...we is the meat and potatoes any hoo!!

If you have not heard the shows from Monday and Tuesday morning....I suggest you listen to them now....they were pretty fucking good.

If any women are feeling horny.....and would just really love to masturbate with us on one of the night shows....please contact us.

I'd also like to hear from someone that's about to break up with someone and you want us to do it for us.

Thanks for the posts.....I do read them!!!!


Bill said...

See, I used to think Opie and Anthony were the worst bottom-feeders I'd ever heard on radio. But that is just too much.

Suhail said...

honestly speaking about radio, i podcast the woodie show, the adam carolla show and the dog house. The dog house is the more original of the shows, yes JV and Elvis are talking about the other stations, but the fact of the matter is that wild 94.9 is dead, Adam Carolla is on AM, the Woodie show is equal to the Sarah and No name show (even though they hate on each other) and none of these shows have the ratings; the Dog house has/had a following, the originality of the is promising and the "racist" prank call (you can youtube it) is not offensive at all, its simply just funny. I'm sure if you asked the guy that got called he would not be upset.
For the record, I have my own blog and have a link to live 105 because it is still one of my favorite stations for music, i'm not just simply a person trying to trash other shows or stations, I'm just stating the facts. I think people should listen to the JV and Elvis before they judge. And it is clear that Elvis is being funny/controversial by calling out Woody, he is trying to get attention for his show and it worked because you wrote about it (he is smarter then he portrays himself on the radio....go figure)

Anonymous said...

aye so who ever wrote this article about the dogghouse being back and talking shit about them fuck you man i grew up with the dogg house

Anonymous said...

The Dogg House Show is amazing. You are a BITCH!!!