Thursday, November 15, 2007

Can anyone read this suit and take O'Reilly seriously?

The third anniversary of this great suit against Bill O'Reilly passed....

I wish some investigative reporter would track down Andrea Mackris and see how her life has changed. How much did O'Reilly have to pay to shut her up and make her go away?

Read the suit here.

Someone should call O'Reilly's show everyday and get his take on this...It would make this no-spine zone guy's head spin.

Wikipedia notes this of Mackris, whose suit originally asked for $60 million:::In 2005 Mackris purchased a condo in New York City's Upper West Side neighborhood for $809,000. Mackris's former salary of $93,000 per year was about half the down payment [4]. One year later, in May 2006, Mackris spent another $430,950 on an adjacent unit in the building, according to deed-transfer records.[5]

That silence bought a lot of nice apartment space.

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