Thursday, November 8, 2007

Battle of the Under 18s is the most exciting Last Band Standing Day

And a tough one, for sure.

It's All About, a band of kids in middle school, is a lot of fun and entertaining.

But on their run through of "Panama" and "Back in Black" they sounded just like what they were, and it was an uphill battle against the older high school students in Joe.

Joe was a bit soft on "The Wait," but absolutely nailed "White Room," the way they nailed "Come Together" last week.

They made the covers their own, adding vocal inflections, some keyboard parts and a heavy drum delivery. It sounded at one point like Janis Joplin fronting Cream.

If you had to pick one band to carry the mantle for the Bay Area and KFOX, that was the one. Joe was a band that would make audiences say: "I can't believe they are so young."

Check the videos below and tell me what you would have done.

I think I made my call based mostly on vocals, which were stronger by Joe and are the thing that stand out most hearing a new band. The guitarists in both bands were very impressive and tasteful.

I gave Joe a 9.9 and It's All About a 6.5, my biggest spread to date. But frankly, I was really disappointed that three of my favorite bands didn't make it to the finals: The Floyd Project, the Covergrrls and the Subway Tokens, largely because we judges were so impressed with all of the competitors that we gave them very close scores.

That meant the voters ruled the decision, which means that the band with the most friends and the best mailing list can stack the deck. They brought judges in to make musicality a standard as well, and, while we struggled and sweated, not finding much bad in these bands that were weeded out from hundreds, but some were clearly a bit better than others.

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Rachel said...

I know that I wouldn't want to be in the judges role! Very tough job, but someone's got to do it!

The CoverGrrlz send their thanks!

All the best!
Kat Velour

SShort said...

Howdy Brad,
All of us parents from "It's All About..." want to thank you, Robert and Reed for giving so much of your time and 'early' mornings to come and judge all the bands.

Adding judges to the mix makes the contest seem more legit and gives a fresh perspective to those of us who are so close to each of 'our' perspective bands.

The boys of "It's All About..." had a great time and really learned alot from this great experience and each one of you judges. The boys are already talking about getting "tighter" for next year's contest and performances.

Congrats to "JOE" for getting the job done Thursday. We stayed after our performance and cheered them on to a winning performance. Jordans vocal performance along with a tight ensemble of drums, bass, keyboard and guitar earned them the top spot this year. They are all great kids and their "HOT" Mom's are great too:-) Good luck on your future musical endeavors and never give it up "JOE"

"It's All About..." Dad