Monday, October 8, 2007

Stories about Mastrey, with comparison between lame Mercury News and great Minneapolis Coverage


Good to see your radio writing continues ay Miss your column in the San Jose Mercury-News.

Note that Dana Jang sent along the email from Cara that I posted to all the email radio groups I belong to on September 24th. Thank you for putting it on your blog. Alas, October 2nd was the day she died. I was in LA. Will send you a separate email on that and the memorial service Saturday.

Shame that the SJ Murky News can only repeat the LA Times article and mention “a stop in San Jose.” Indeed.

Tawn was at KSJO 1975 to 1979, with a little under a year as KMEL’s first evening jock and Asst. MD. Tawn was at KSJO when I switched from KOME and became their Music Director in 1976. I got her promoted to MD and became Asst. Program Director after she returned from KMEL in 1978. KNAC, where I did mornings in 1986, wasn’t the first time we teamed up and shared the joy of discovery of new bands with our listeners.

Her hand writing as well as mine dominates the sticker in the corner of the original import 45 of “Roxanne” that I put in KSJO’s “A” rotation (see attached.) The band had “stiffed” in the UK, and A&M Records had no plans to release their music in the US until boxes of their UK single started selling out here and in Boston...same pattern we established for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, AC/DC and many more...Tawn was my musical twin, my best friend and ally at both stations, my fellow radio maverick.

See the 2nd attached picture taken outside KSJO’s studio in 1979. That’s me, with my former hair, beard and big gut by the driver door, and Tom Mix, one of our DJs by the Trans Am tailpipe. Sammy dedicated his set at Cabo Wabo to her last night, and was contributing for her benefit.

Here’s the difference between the Minneapolis-St. Paul news story and the SJ one:

It’s also worth noting that neither the local MSP newspapers nor the station she worked at there, KXXR, managed to put out the urgent plea, even though they were in the best position to perhaps find a donor and save her life. Posthumously, their now all over it. We’ll continue in her memory.

Hope you are well.


Paul “The Lobster” Wells

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Idolopolis said...

Hey, Brad, I miss your column in the Merc, too. I'm glad you've go this blog going. I'll be checking in from time to time to get my kava fix!