Wednesday, October 3, 2007

RADIOHEAD: Lets fans pay what they want for new recording

Finally, a rock band takes the first step to stop the greed.

Radiohead, one of the smartest, most progressive bands out there, will release its new disc, "In Rainbows" Oct. 10 on the Internet. Price? What you want to pay.

I've been waiting years, no decades, for a band to say enough is enough. Instead, we watched as the Summer of Love became the Winter of Cash, and bands from the Beatles to the Grateful Dead , U2, Metallica and the Stones, just kept upping the prices for music, long after we were all promised that the advent of the CD would lower costs. Ha.

The revolution has begun, and it wasn't with any phony street fighting men or God wannabes. It's an art rock band that made the move to say, we've made so much money, let's give something back to the fans.

Now the question remains, how much will people pay? I imagine Harvard marketing fellow and blogging pioneer Doc Searls would argue that the band will get a fair price, maybe more than it would have set itself, because the market will appreciate the move. (check for his take on price setting).

The band is also offering a box set with the disc with a steeper price, $82. It will include a vinyl version of the disc, photos, bonus material and lyrics. That will come out in December.

What do you all think of this??

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