Tuesday, October 2, 2007


(photo: tawn with the cornell hurd band).

Here's a note forwarded by Dana Jang::

Tawn is in the hospital dying. We don't know how long
she can hold on, as she is in desperate need of a
liver. We fear that her kidney and heart are also now
having troubles due to her liver failing from
Hepatitis C. Major complications are occurring and if
she waits too long, she will be too ill to operate on.
She has been going from nursing home to emergency
hospital every few days now.

Tawn can receive a portion of someones liver from a
living donor. Both donor and Tawn's new 2-1/2 inch
liver, (if it were to be received by living donor),
will both grow back to normal healthy sizes in a
matter of weeks.

If anyone out there would like to become a living
hero, this would truly be a huge way of doing it. I
myself would give her a portion of my own liver, but
I'm too small in body size. It would take a man or
woman with the same blood type as Tawn's, O-negative,
and also similar body size and weight. Tawn weighs
about 119 pounds.

Tawn would have a second chance of life and both donor
and Tawn would live a healthy normal life again. if
Tawn receives a complete full liver from a deceased
person, Tawn's recovery time would be much quicker and
therefore, less complications for her. Either way, we
pray she receives a liver soon.

To apply for a screening to be a living organ donor,
in order to Save Tawn's life, please contact:
Kathy Garvey 1 800 328 5465 or 612 625 8666
Organ Transplant Center, University of Minnesota,
Fairview Hospital
(Serious applicants only)

Tawn has no other options as she has been left with no
income and no assets, having to quit work months ago
due to her being too ill to even speak. Minnesota
Government Medical Assistance health insurance is
covering her bare essential medical costs. Thank
Goodness for that, but there are limits as to what we
can and cannot do for her. Donations to Tawn Mastrey
Supplementary Needs Trust, will help with those extra
costs, and will also enable Tawn to survive the day to
day expenses for the before and post operative care,
by receiving the best comfort and care possible.
Please help. Thank you for your kind donations.

There are simply not enough organs to go around and
not enough time. For more information on organ donors
please go to: www.donatelife.com


Kevin said...

The http://www.tawnmastreybenefit.com/ page says she passed away last night :-(.

Hawkeye Joe said...

R.I.P. She was without an equal: great-sounding on the radio (every dirthead South Bay rocker pal of mine had a crush on her), and very personable to work with. I only briefly got to know her when I was an intern at KSJO in the early 80s - She a a few others either got sacked or bailed out from there to go work for the short-lived "Album Rock on AM" that KLIV did for a bit. She was a beautiful soul, and my prayers are with her & her family. -Jose' "Hawkeye Joe" Scott

Dawn Maskrey said...

I can't believe Tawn has passed.Her and I would e-mail one another when she was at 93x we shared a simuliar name my name Dawn Maskrey and so we became e-mail friends and I was going to go meet her at the state fair but didn't get that chance 5 years ago. I moved to Florida, but I am from Saint Paul, Minnesota. I have been ill the last year and when we drove from Florida back to Minnesota so i could go to the Mayo clinic I listened to her on Sirus this was in April. I just can't take it all in. She was awesome and her voice kicked....She will me remembered by soooooo many people. I am glad we shared so close of names. Dawn Maskrey and Tawn Mastrey.. How cool is that huh???? Tawn R.I.P. YOU WERE LOVED BY SO MANY. I WISH SOMEONE COULD HAVE CAME FORWARD WITH A LIVER ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHY NO MATCH? Bless you Tawn and your family. Dawn Maskrey