Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Led Zeppelin to Reunite????????????

Forget Van Halen, the Police, Genesis, and even Abba.

The rumors swirling right now about a Led Zeppelin reunion would make it the biggest reunion in rock (tied with, for my money, a Pink Floyd extravaganza).

I know it's a mixed up muddled up shook up world ---I just read some music writer say that he thinks Stevie Wonder has more mass appeal than Elvis ---but I'm passing on this rumor report anyway from Artist

According to the British music magazine NME, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has confirmed that a band reunion will happen as soon as later this year. The reunion, which has been rumored for years, will allegedly take place only once. The show is said to take place in London for a charity event during the month of November, although these particular details are unconfirmed. It seems as though the death of famed drummer John Bonham in 1980 isn't deterring the reunion plans.

Here's the catch: NME is relying on the validity of a source who is an autograph hunter. When said source approached Plant, he reportedly explained that he was on his way to meet with ex-bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. "We've got a band meeting about it this afternoon," Plant told the complete stranger. "There's not a lot to work out as it's only going to be one-off gig." Um, sure.

We're super skeptical here but we had to report it regardless because, well, what happens if it's true. Then we totally look like we're keeping them all to ourselves, and we'd never do that.

—The ARTISTdirect Staff
09.05.07 .

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