Wednesday, September 19, 2007

KGO's Ronn Owens due back Friday

Longtime KGO-AM (810) morning host Ronn Owens, who left his show Monday when he was stricken with symptoms that resembled a minor stroke, says he's doing better and will be back Friday.

Fill-in host Brian Copeland reported the problem may have been the result of medications Owens is taking.

In an email this morning, Owens said it was "just a scare" and the "tests are looking good."

Shame on those of you who wrote that Owens was drunk, although in this cynical world I understand it's hard to believe anything you hear (or think, as Pete Wilson used to say).

Knowing Owens as I do, there is more chance that OJ is innocent of murder, or that I'll win the lottery without buying a ticket, than that Owens would show up for work drunk.

More troubling is the fact that he had a health problem, in light of the recent tragic death of afternoon host Wilson. The scare made plenty of listeners plenty nervous.

Looking forward to hearing him talk about it Friday.

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