Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gil Gross Gets Pete Wilson's Slot on KGO-AM (810)

Click here for the release from KGO.

It's a good call for them, looking for a moderate, mid-range voice for that slot, someone with a political and news-oriented range like Wilson's.

Contrast to the shouting on other stations at those hours and he'll be a welcome voice of reason and intelligence.

I'm sure there are a lot of disappointed hosts who would have liked to have moved into those weekday hours (and at least one columnist: I applied for the job)...

But I like the call. Gross is very, very good.

I can remember one standout moment subbing for Ronn Owens when he had a caller who was clearly depressed and suffering over the death of a loved one, when he deftly walked the line between entertainer and caring person, sharing drama and compassion, without being the least bit gratuitous.

Did anyone else hear that?


Olcountrylawyer said...

I like Gil, too, and I'm glad to see that Pete Wilson, whom I can't stand, is off the air. Why was Wilson sacked? Bad ratings?

skyegrl said...

He died unexpectedly during surgery.

Olcountrylawyer said...

I'm sorry to hear that, even though, as I've mentioned, I wasn't a fan of his program or his politics. He was hardly a moderate by my standards. He would often rail against such things as national health care. He was able to afford surgery, of course, as KGO hosts are all union members and are covered by a good health plan.

Boss Hogg said...

Brad, I just sent Gil an email welcoming him to KGO's airwaves. I've always enjoyed his show and although I don't recall the show you're speaking of, it sounds exactly like something he'd do. I also asked him to see about continuing "The Greatest Songs You Never Heard" (I hope I have that right) I loved that show and I could tell Pete did too and it'd be a damn shame to let it die with him. Ronn would be a good candidate to go with but I'd prefer Gil so that we can concentrate on the bands and not the host (sorry Ronn) :) I hope you two can get together on it.


P.S. Pete is hugely missed, like him or not, I did both.