Monday, September 3, 2007


Download it here...It's great to have him back.

Tickets for the Oakland Arena Oct. 26 show go on sale Sept 15..And one month until the album, "Magic" comes out.

This song...lots of echo; lots of guitar; an edge like "The River"...the theme...darkness on the edge of there anyone alive out there? Just searching for a world with some soul.

This is so what I need as the darkness of winter descends again...I've played it five times already and, like in the old days of running out to buy a new disc, don't want to stoop.

Forget the summer of love...these are some of the darkest times we've ever faced...a ridiculous never ending war being funded by generations to come; secret armies paid for by our taxes and snuck into power by elected criminals (read Blackwater) real opposition party....and a dumbed-down narcotized populace. Maybe Bruce will help get people out in the streets where they belong.

what do you think?

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