Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tommy Castro may get the recognition he deserves with the Legendary Blues Band

Bay Area guitarist Castro has teamed up with Ronnie Baker Brooks, Magic Dick and Deanna Bogart for a tour that should light some fire for blues fans.

It follows my own rule for great blues: you need a harmonica and/or a female singer to be great (ok, ok, I know there are exceptions).

But Castro and Magic Dick? That blows me away. Both are way underrated.

Here's Tommy on his website
talking about how he got his new bass player, from Des Moines, after his regular bassist of 17 years, got sick.

It's a musician's dream come true.

TOMMY TALKS ABOUT NEW BASS PLAYER SCOT SUTHERLAND: Hey everybody! The new bass player for TCB is Scot Sutherland from Des Moines, Iowa. Some of you might remember him from the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue Tour. When Randy needed to leave a TCB tour last year because of a serious health situation in his family, Scot was the guy that filled in. We were in Iowa at the time, so we asked some people we know in Des Moines for some names. The first person everyone recommended was Scot. Lucky for us he could do the gigs. We gave him some CDs and two days later he was on the gig for four shows. I was a little nervous--we had never done a show without Randy before. After the first couple of songs I wasn't nervous anymore. He did his homework and played great. We had a lot of fun that night. Randy needed some time off again in January, so we asked Scot to fill in again. He did the back to back Delbert & Legendary Cruises with us and the Legendary R&B Revue, backing up Deanna Bogart, Ronnie Baker Brooks and Magic Dick. He's a really good guy and we all like him a lot. A few months later when Randy told me he was going to be leaving I didn't think twice about it, I called Scot. We'll have Scot's bio posted on the site soon so you can find out more about him. --T

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