Friday, August 10, 2007

Ronn Owens Covering Bill Walsh Memorial Live...Where was the coverage of Chauncey Bailey?

I wrote Owens an email to that effect yesterday....haven't heard back.

But I'm stunned that a football coach can command a memorial at Candlestick, covered live by the biggest local radio station, KGO-AM (810) while the murder of an African American journalist is almost a footnote.

To me it once again demonstrates the not-so-subtle racism in this country, and I agree with African American groups who say that if this were a white journalist it would have gotten far more coverage.

What do you think? Your comments here will definitely be read by the managers of KGO.


Randie said...

I think it was a double slight, because of the fact that Mr. Bailey lived in Oakland and not San Franciso. I lived in the east bay all of my life and there has been one city by the bay and nothing else (hear that San Jose???) So the media can become very narrowly focused. It was extremly fustrating not to find much coverage out site of the Oakland Tribune and the SF Cron (East Bay edition).

As for Ronn Owens it is very clear how shallow he really is. He proved that the day of Mr. Bailey's assasination and the days following.

Neil said...

I intend no slight to Mr. Bailey by reminding you of the recent death of David Halberstam, a much better known and more renowned journalist who died in a traffic accident in Menlo Park. He did not get a tribute at Candlestick (or Yankee Stadium or Shea or Giants' Stadium, as he was a New Yorker and those would have been more appropriate venues). I'd bet whatever memorial service was held for Mr. Halberstam wasn't carried on WABC or WOR (KGO's New York equivalents) either.

My point is only that Walsh was a football icon in the Bay Area, and KGO was the longtime flagship station for the '9ers. (And Walsh had that more recent relationship with KGO due to his leukemia and the station's association with the Leukemia Society.)

I doubt George Seafort or Steve Mariucci would have engendered such a tribute, nor would KGO have carried it live on air. This was a particular, unique situation, and I don't think the situation with Mr. Bailey is comparable, no matter how respected he was or how heinous the crime against him (both of which are indisputable).