Friday, August 31, 2007

Radio Personalities and Their Memorable or Not So Memorable Slogans and Sign Offs

Someone coaches radio people to do something to get themselves known, to stand out from the crowd of voices. Some try slogans; others vocal stylings.

There's Bernie Ward's (on KGO-AM, 810) ending: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission."

And Ralph Barbieri's (on KNBR-AM 560/1050): "Angels fly because they take themselves lightly." Barbieri, stands out also with the nails on a blackboard voice of a New York hotdog salesman, one you would never think would fly on radio.

Those two must work, because I remember them and I'm not offended or irritated by them.

Then, there's KSCO-AM's (1080) newswoman Susan Simon, who I would have fired ages ago, just for her irritating attempt to be remembered. She ends every item saying, "This is Susan (pause, pause, pause) Simon"

The long drawn out silence between her first and last name is so irritating and out of place for a reporter, it just seems like a cloying way to get known on a tiny Santa Cruz station. I think it would offend anyone looking to hire her.

She apparently thinks it's great, because she identifies herself on her website as Susan......Simon.

What are the best and the most irritating signoffs you've heard?? Send them to me here for my next Oakland Trib column and I'll credit you.

(Photo: bernie ward)


Anonymous said...

"Peace, Love & Breakfast" - Hawkeye Joe, KFJC's "Lose-Your-Breakfast Club" (mid 80s -mid 90s)

Anonymous said...


Welcome back to Print!!

_"Hawkeye Joe Scott"