Thursday, August 2, 2007

Michael Savage got it right once...but the rest of the time??

The slimiest host in talk radio's back must be sore from patting himself so much after getting the Duke rape case right. He was the first in the media, and the only one for a while, to suggest that the lacrosse team was falsely accused.

But keep this in mind: even a blind man throwing darts will hit the bullseye occasionally. But only after he's punctured everyone and everything else in the bar.

This week, Savage suggested that the seizure suffered by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was a case of poisoning by the left. "He was in perfect health," Savage said, only moments after a news report that Roberts had a similar seizure a decade earlier.

He's the National Enquirer or talk hosts. No, that's too classy. He's the Star or the Weekly World News, with the aliens on the cover.

Savage has also become very quiet about the Marines accused of murder and conspiracy in Iraq, as the convictions have been rolling in. Didn't he promise to go down there to raise money and protest their arrests?

Savage is also famous for putting people down for the things he does. He lambasted Diane Feinstein for wearing a scarf to cover her wrinkled neck. Look at his publicity pics. He's wearing the same scarf.

Yesterday he made fun of the YouTube host of the Democratic debate, suggesting his beard made him look gay or affected. Savage has the same beard.

And he's constantly putting down Bill O'Reilly for shilling his products. Now, Savage is selling his own podcasts; he's selling the speech he sent in to the Talkers Magazine Freedom of Speech award; and he's selling his own 20-year-old health books. (See the chapter in Herbs that Heal on marijuana. He was a big supporter back then. Wonder if he's edited it out.)

Then there's Rush Limbaugh...who this week told his listeners that he was surprised that the American people were upset about the war in Iraq. Most of them have no stake in it, he claimed, because of the volunteer military.

Uhhhh...Rush.....what about the tax money we are all giving to it, at the kind of levels that helped sink the Soviet Union after it took on its own war in Afghanistan?

You listen to this garbage, and it's natural to think we need a Fairness Doctrine, even though, really, it's not the answer.

Because frankly, these guys, like Rupert Murdoch, have become the mainstream media, the dominant voices in the media.

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