Monday, August 27, 2007

IMUS slouches toward the spotlight again

Here's the scoop on an Imus Tv appearance, courtesy of Tom Taylor at and Variety.

A first step back toward the media spotlight (for Imus)? It's a carefully-chosen one and it's on a 30 million subscriber-cable channel named RFD, whose slogan (as Variety notes) is "Rural America's Most Important Network."

Imus has had a very rural Summer himself, working with kids on the Imus Ranch in New Mexico. He and wife Deirdre agreed to do do the one-hour special last year, but it was taped last month, so the media-curious will be watching to see if he discusses CBS, NBC, or his plans now that he's negotiated his exit from CBS. Variety says RFD president Patrick Gottsch promises "three-hanky viewing, as [the special] chronicles how the kids overcome their fears and health limitations" on a working 4000-acre Western ranch complete with horses, and horse stalls to muck out every morning. Read the Variety article here.


(If you are a big Howard Stern fan, you may have heard the king of all nose jobs blast Taylor's reporting once because he worked for Clear Channel-owned Inside Radio. Taylor now works for an independently-owned service, but I think his reporting was impeccable no matter who he reported to. I know from personal experience that Clear Channel purchased all kinds of media, but doesn't have it's hands in every report.)

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