Saturday, August 4, 2007

Charlie Musselwhite, who plays San Jose's Jazz Fest Next Week, also played Lollapalooza in Chicago

Here's a story from Chicago's Timeout Mag about the Bay Area's Charlie Musselwhite playing with the Polyphonic Spree at an unlikely gig...Over the past 10 years, this blues star has made inroads into a polyglot of eclectic music, including Cuban, gospel, roots and now, Bowie-esque psychedelia.

He'll play Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at the San Jose Jazz Festival.

A correction though on the Chicago story, on a mistake I made myself until corrected by Kirk Pengilly, of INXS. Musselwhite doesn't play "Suicide Blonde.'' He plays on the bluesy "Who Pays the Price" on the same album.

Musselwhite's publicist has continued the mistake, listing the hot playing on Suicide as his client's. It's an easy mistake to make. When I talked to Charlie about playing with INXS he didn't really know the name of the song he played on, and that standout harp sounded like it should have been his to many listeners.

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