Monday, August 13, 2007

Celeste Perry, Sue Hall Get Big Promotions at KFRC-FM

Memo from station manager Steve Dinardo, with good news for Sue Hall fans:

After seven great candidates' guest appearances on the morning show, The
Duke, Tim, Mike and I are thrilled to announce that our own Celeste
Perry has been selected as the permanent co-host of the KFRC morning
show, effective immediately! We are fortunate to have had so many
qualified candidates to choose from; in the end we all agreed that
Celeste's persona and style are a fabulous compliment to Dave's. Please
join us in congratulating Celeste on this exciting news.

Celeste's new role creates a void in mid days; we are happy to announce
the return of longtime KFRC alumnus Sue Hall as 106.9's newest on air
personality, effective immediately! No doubt many of you remember Sue
from her long run as KFRC mid day host in the 90's, right through 2006.
Sue also worked at KFRC in the 80's, as well as stints at KIOI, KMEL
(with John London in morning drive) and KMAX. Sue's history with the
KFRC audience and her proven abilities make her the ideal choice for the
newly vacant mid day slot; some things just have a way of working out
for all!

Sue can proudly boast having worked at KFRC on all its dial positions.
She is uniquely qualified to make our music and promotions relevant to
today's listeners, in an upbeat and engaging way. Sue is also a
self-professed A's fan, making her "fit" even more glove-like. Please
join us in welcoming Sue back to her radio home, KFRC!

The KFRC On-Air Dream Team is:
Mornings, 5:30 - 10 AM: The Duke and Celeste
Mid days, 10 - 3 PM: Sue Hall
Afternoons, 3 - 7 PM: Jay Coffey
Evenings, 7 - 12 Mid: Steve Moore

Next stop: Bay Area history... again!

Steve DiNardo
VP/GM | Live 105 (KITS-FM) l 106.9 Classic Hits (KFRC) l

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MikeC said...

OK, why doesn't Cammie get a gig in the new KFRC?