Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Welcome to the New Radio Blog

You can no longer get radio news from a boring grey newspaper.

Now, you have to get the scoop from Kava's radio soup.

Glad you found it. This will be a place to read news, opinions and comments from radio listeners and station staffs, all unfiltered through the dull, lifeless and characterless editors that made you stop reading newspapers in the first place.

We'll keep it lively, honest and tight.

For those who don't know me, maybe you remember this ad, taken out by the former WILD 94.9 Doghouse show, in the Mercury News. Thanks, guys.


Redwood Girl said...

Hey Brad,
I first found you recently after the David Gilmour show. (Took me long enough, huh?) I am REALLY going to miss you in the Merc, but am so glad I found you here! I won't be reading the Merc any longer. They bought our paper in Santa Cruz too. Best of luck to you and I will make sure everyone I know checks out your website! Thanks for all your great reviews and keep up the good work!

RFNaegele said...

Hey Brad, I wondered if you'd critique my on-line music trivia books at Thanks, RH

DavidFerrellJackson said...

Brad! There's no need for yet another Bay Area radio blog! Go away!