Friday, July 6, 2007

Stan Dale: The Voice of the Lone Ranger and the First Radio Sex Therapist Died

Stan Dale was one of the most amazing people I've ever met and I didn't know he died in early June at the age of 78 until today.

He was a star in the days when radio was the biggest thing going, and then, a star to a more select group of people in the therapy community he founded called the Human Awareness Institute.

It should have been a front page story. He was the radio announcer for the Lone Ranger, the one who did that great introduction that ended with a "Hi-ho silver, away." If you want to hear him yourself, click here:

You really have to hear that to appreciate the man who started as a big name in the early days of radio, and came to San Francisco to found an unconventional therapy group that has inspired thousands of people over the years.

He also had the first sex therapy radio show late nights on KGO-AM in the 1960s.

Here is the obit written about him on the Harbin Hot Springs website, where he conducted workshops for an organization he founded called the Human Awareness Institute.

Popular workshop leader and founder of the Human Awareness Institute has died

Dr. Stan Dale, founder of the Human Awareness Institute and longtime national radio personality, passed away peacefully June 8, 2007. Proceeded in death by beloved wife, Helen. Survived by loving wife, Janet. Father of six children and 10 grandchildren. Founding the Love, Intimacy & Sexuality workshops in 1968, Stan's teachings, workshops and citizen diplomacy missions, have profoundly touched hundreds and thousands of people globally. Recipient of seven lifetime achievement awards including the Mahatma Gandhi Humanitarian of the Year award. Author of "Fantasies Can Set You Free," "My Child Myself" and contributor to numerous publications. Stan's life has been dedicated to the fundamental beliefs of "unconditional love" and "creating a world where everyone wins." In support of his life's work, memorial donations may be sent to: the Human Awareness Institute, 700 Widgeon St., Foster City, CA 94404,

Here are more apprciations of Dale::

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