Friday, July 13, 2007

Letters, we get letters

The best thing about my old job at the San Jose Mercury News, now owned by the Mediocre News Conglomerate, of Denver, was the letters and Emails from people who cared.
They came from all over the globe, thanks to the Internet, and I felt connected to this vast audience of people who loved music and radio as much as I do. Here are a few that have come into this fledgling blog::

I will look forward to your blog.

I can now cancel my sub to the Merc as your work was the main reason I maintained it.

Ron Fell San Francisco
hi brad,
a quick note to hear you on greg kihn's show yesterday.
i'm a long-time merc reader of yours and was sorry to
heard about your release from the merc when you were
on greg's show. i have to say that i was disgusted to hear
that after your long run with them that your termination
pay was only 2 weeks - that's about as low as i've ever
heard of here in the valley.

i've bookmarked your blog and look forward to continuing
to follow your work. in the meantime, do your best to these
things often bring new opportunities if / when we're able to
recognize them.

best regards, hal
My son and I heard you on the radio yesterday with Greg K. We were
going to the Fan fest. I was upset that the Merc killed the
Perspective section. Very upset. And now you are not there. I have
been reading your work for years. At the Fan Fest I signed up for the
Chronicle and later told my wife to cancel the Merc. Enough is
enough. I found your blog but not the Radio soup. Are they the same?
I am interested in advertising on your website. I have something your
readers can use. The only digital camera workshop you will ever

good luck to you and damn the torpedoes!


Tom Upton Photosaurus Rex

Sorry about the job. The merc is also becoming irrelevant.

Subject: San Jose Mercury News: Kava: Fond farewell for KPIG program director

Hi Brad,

I enjoyed this article. I read your articles regularly. I would love to see more coverage of independent radio. I spend most of my time on the right side of the dial, listening to college and community stations. It would be great to see you feature some of the interesting DJ's and programming found there.


Bonnie Ross

Thanks all...much more to come...

Tonight: Rod Piazza at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz.

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