Monday, July 9, 2007

Great Auction and Benefit at the Berkeley KRE Radio Site, the Place George Lucas Filmed Wolfman Jack for American Graffiti

Let me steer you to a post at BA Broadcast by radio aficionado David Ferrell Jackson, of, announcing this great gathering for radio freaks...

Check out the site for some amazing vintage auction items. Stay away from the AR-2 speakers..I want them....

We're only two weeks away from "Live! At KRE." You may have driven
past KRE thousands of times over the years, but never had the
opportunity to stop by for a visit -- so here's your chance. If you
go, come by the radio museum table and say "Boy howdy."

Here's the gory details:

WHERE: The Historic KRE Radio Station Building, 601 Ashby Ave.,
WHEN: Saturday, July 21, 2007, from 10 AM - 2 PM. (Gates open at 9:30
ADMISSION: $5 (Children under 12: free)


The California Historical Radio Society is proud to present its annual
open house with a celebration of local radio history on the grounds of
the famous KRE Radio Station Building, located under the huge radio
tower on Ashby Avenue near Highway 80 in Berkeley.

The KRE building, which stood as an abandoned eyesore for many years,
has been lovingly restored by the volunteer members of CHRS and
converted into a world-class museum of radio and television, including
vintage broadcast and production studios, displays of classic radios
and television sets, a research library, a working ham radio shack
(W6CF), electronic theory school and repair shop, plus a museum store
and archival audio transfer and restoration service.

The open house will include tours of the facility, live music, and
performances by the Bay Area's own Broadcast Legends, as well as an
auction of rare and unusual radios to help raise funds for CHRS'
continuing effort to preserve the rich history of broadcasting in the

Popular Bay Area radio personality Carter B. Smith will once again be
on hand to host the festivities.

The historic KRE radio station building is one of the first structures
built specifically for broadcasting in the Bay Area, and has been
transmitting for seventy years from this location; it currently houses
the transmitters for stations KVTO/1400 and KEAR/610 (formerly KFRC).

In the early 1970s, George Lucas used this location to film the
Wolfman Jack and Richard Dreyfuss scenes in his film, "American
Graffiti." CHRS is believed to be one of the only vintage radio
societies to have an historical AM radio station building as its

The building will also serve as home to the Bay Area Radio Hall of
Fame, with a "wall of honor" to celebrate the great men and women that
have entertained local listeners on our airwaves for nearly a century.

More details, directions and photos of some of the items up for
auction are at

Be there. Aloha.

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