Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Celeste Perry lands at the new KFRC-FM (106.9)

So, rock radio KFRC got out of the gate this week with a big new morning show hosted by Dave "Your Duke" Sholin.

And now, the station announces the return of another oldie but goodie (and I mean that in the best sense possible), Celeste Perry, who will do midmornings (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.).She'll start next week. She just sent in a pic, and she defies the old hack you hear about faces made for radio. She could be on TV.

Here's her backround:

Celeste Perry began her radio career in her hometown of Honolulu Hawaii while a student at the University of Hawaii. She worked for the legendary Ron Jacobs at KQMQ and sister station KKUA. In 1982 with aircheck in hand she came to the City by the Bay and landed her first major market gig at KSFO. From weekends to nights, afternoons and finally middays Celeste remained at 560KSFO and 93.3 KYA through 1995 when the KYA call letters were retired and 93.3 emerged as KYCY Young Country. She played George Strait records for 5 years and in 1999 hung up her headphones and became a full time stay at home Mom. Although fulfilled by her many hours of carpooling, snack bar duty and volunteer work, Celeste took a part time job at KKSF in 2005.

"We're thrilled to add Celeste' s name to the roster of talent at the new 106.9 KFRC,'' says program director Tim Jordan. "Celeste brings her irreverent sense of humor, quick wit and passion for music to her new position. "She's relatable, well-informed and very funny. Celeste's warmth is always apparent and she really connects with listeners.''


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